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Are your leaders struggling?

It’s been an unbelievable couple of years - now is the time to invest in your people to support individuals, teams and your organisations culture. EPIC Leadership will enable you retain staff and your leaders to become the shining stars you know that they’re capable of becoming.

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Nothing is the same as it was a couple of years ago. The landscape of work has changed and we’re equipping your team with the skills to change along with it. It's time to thrive.

So, you have a new manager who is absolutely fantastic at their job, that’s why they’re there! But they’ve never been trained to be the exceptional leaders that you need them to be. 

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The 2021 Gallup Study said that
53% of employees were actively disengaged. That’s over half of your team feeling disconnected and alone. People feeling psychological unsafe is one of the highest contributors to this and we can equip your leaders with the tools and language to develop their instincts and connect to themselves, team and culture.

How do you get the best out of your people? 

These are difficult times. Are your leaders ready? What we do at work isn't just about work. Humans are complex and confusing individuals and all of that comes out in the bottom line of your organisation. This program gives your leaders the confidence to understand the psychological complexities and lead the people behind the job. 

It can be quite confronting for your leaders to do group training with your peers and work on the areas you know they need to improve. By taking the online EPIC training, your leaders are able to work on their areas of need without feeling exposed to judgment and becoming defensive. 

After all, we know that everyone needs development as they grow and move on up in organisations, even though sometimes that can feel hard to admit. It’s time to equip your leaders with the epic skills and really see your organisation take off and reach new heights.

The demands on the leaders of today have accelerated. They are expected to deliver outcomes in an environment that is increasingly complex and uncertain. 

Strive’s EPIC Leadership Program uses the platform of connection as a means of building leadership capability.



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This fully online accessible program helps your leaders to tap into their inherent authentic strengths to learn to be an effective leader when those leadership skills don’t necessarily come naturally.

Your team will be able to have clear communication so that problems are solved quickly without escalating into all out office warfare. 

EPIC leadership equips your leaders with the active skills to diffuse high conflict, hold their team accountable and enable the team to have epic high performance.

We were designed as human beings to be connected with each other and to help and support each other, and we see those instincts arise during times of crisis. When a flood hits a community, people rise up and come together to face the adversity. The challenge is that they often retreat back to their ways of life prior to that and the lessons of community often get forgotten.

Vivek Murthy, Surgeon General of the United States

It is much easier to venture far - not just in distance but in terms of your willingness to experiment, take risks and reach out to others - when you are tethered to a place to call home to a real community.

Thomas L Friedman.

Ultimately we all know we do better as a tribe. This has become increasingly difficult over the last couple of years where we have increasingly worked apart from one another.  However this course is applicable to whatever your team's working arrangements are.  We look toward supporting connection; as this is key for individuals, teams and organisations to thrive.

In this program we will explore:

Connection to self 

 Connection to team

 Connection to your culture

If you want your team to venture far, to thrive, to be innovative and creative problem solvers, a steady home base, that is a must.  Throughout the program we will explore ways to create this connection whether it be to ourselves, our team or our culture.  

Given the last couple of years providing your team with something they can count on and that is reliable has never been more important.

At the end of this eight module program, you will be able to:

 Understand the neuroscience behind connection. The building blocks and the barriers.

 Learn practical tools that will support you in building and maintaining connection with yourself and others.

 Gain clarity on your personal leadership strengths to support authentic relationships.

 Understand the model of Compassionate Leadership to build your own capability and that of your team members.

 Learn about the principles of a psychologically safe team and how this fosters connection.

 Develop practical skills that will allow you to create a psychologically safe team.

 Build team culture through helping your team members to understand  the big picture.

 Enhancing your culture through consistent routines that people can rely on so they do not need to “sweat the small stuff” 

 Focussing on clarity of communication to build a culture where people feel seen and heard which is fundamental to a psychologically safe team.

Epic Leadership Is For You If...

  • You are looking for new skills for your team
  • You are struggling to get the results you want
  • You have a high staff turn over
  • You want to foster greater working relationships

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